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Answered By: Cara Calabrese
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2018     Views: 169

In fall 2018 the library's streaming video platform Kanopy added HBO Documentaries to our offerings.

HBO Documentaries that were available to our users on the Kanopy platform in the fall of 2018 will be removed from the platform after November 26, 2018.

View a list of the deleted films online.

Unfortunately, HBO implemented very stringent digital rights management (DRM) on these videos (more stringent than what Kanopy uses on other films in their catalog). The DRM put in place is not compatible with the type of networking practices that are common at large universities such as ours; as a result, these videos are not viewable from any on-campus location. We have worked with both Kanopy and university IT to identify a solution or workaround, but at this time there simply isn't one. HBO is unwilling to change or remove this DRM for us and the university can't change it's networking practices to allow for a single exception like this.

The libraries own some of the HBO documentaries in other formats such as DVD. These can be browsed by doing an AUTHOR search on "HBO" in the Books & More tab on the library home page. Subject librarians may also elect to spend discretionary funds on HBO documentaries on DVD if requested by a faculty member and if the DVD is available for purchase.

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